Our Approach

Caivan 360

Caivan 360 is our unwavering commitment to higher standards in every home we build.

Higher Standards

Our team constantly reimagines what is possible in new homes and aims to set the standard for included features and home performance. We are always looking for feedback and striving to evolve what is possible in a new home.


Our industry-leading Caivan Quality Assurance program includes a 10,000 point home inspection, unparalleled levels of day-to-day construction supervision, and a dedicated, independent Quality Assurance Department that ensures that every Caivan home meets our rigorous performance guidelines and construction standards. We maintain a critical eye on every detail and take pride in the homes we deliver.


Powered by ABIC (the Advanced Building Innovation Company), Caivan consistently delivers Better Built Homes. Harnessing the benefits of manufacturing, continuous improvement processes, automation, cutting-edge software, and market-leading building science in all areas of community development and homebuilding.