COVID-19 Response


The COVID-19 pandemic represents an unprecedented challenge for all of us. The evolving situation has created immense uncertainty and an added level of adversity in our lives. Doing our part means maintaining our commitments to customers while ensuring a safe working environment for our team. We take our commitments very seriously and assure you that Caivan is doing everything possible in balancing these objectives.

While the past few weeks have been difficult, Caivan has been unwavering in our goal to deliver quality homes to our homeowners, albeit with a reduced level of production and in the face of ongoing disruptions in supply chains. We are considering these impediments opportunities to become more agile and innovate wherever possible. We have no doubt that our organization will be stronger and faster as the pandemic subsides.

Our approach and working environment have changed. Supporting the health and well-being of our team and customers has been possible while production has continued. With this in mind, we wanted to take the opportunity to share some important updates with you in this regard so that you are apprised of some of the measures adopted as we push forward.

We very much appreciate your understanding and all the efforts of the Caivan team as we navigate these unprecedented times together.


Our Sales Centres and Design Studio remain closed to the public, as we have transitioned to mainly virtual appointments. We are offering virtual appointments with the customer in mind, so that they remain the key part of the homebuilding journey. For example, while we have eliminated the request for a homeowner to be present for their Pre-Drywall Walk, we are still having your designated Associate conduct it on your behalf with the option to be present virtually. Specifics on modified services can be found under the Caivan Homebuilding Journey Appointments section.


Office Employees: The majority of Caivan office employees are currently working remotely from home.

Site Employees and Trade Partners: Caivan is currently taking heightened precautions as suggested by Ottawa Public Health, to protect the health and safety of our employees and our trade partners that work on our construction sites. We have mandated the following pre-cautions for all our employees currently working on site:

  1. We require that anyone who has recently returned from travel outside of Canada not be permitted at the office or on the job site and is expected to follow a self-quarantine for a period of 14 days.
  2. If someone is not feeling well, we are requesting that they self-isolate or work remotely. We require that anyone who is feeling unwell not attend the job site.
  3. We require that anyone showing signs of illness be sent home immediately and is asked to follow Ottawa Public Health Guidelines if they feel they may be infected.
  4. It is required that if an employee lives with or is providing care to anyone who has tested positive, or is suspected to have COVID-19, that the employee must self-isolate for a period of 14 days.

For our construction sites, we have also put in place the following extra precautions:

  1. Heated trailer washrooms with water and Ottawa Public Health handwashing posters posted inside the washrooms.
  2. Hand washing stations at all sites.
  3. Additional sanitization supplies have been provided to site with daily cleaning of the site trailers and washrooms.
  4. Best practices posters have been posted in all site trailers including hand washing practices, cough adaptation poster, self monitoring vs self isolation information sheet.
  5. COVID-19 Information Sheet has been posted in every home under construction regarding hygiene, signs and symptoms, and social distancing with 6 feet distance being maintain from one another.
  6. Senior Project Managers will control number of people in the site trailer at one time and minimize risk in any interactions.

Additionally, Caivan has swiftly hired and trained site specific COVID-19 Health and Safety Officers. This new role has been implemented on site and is specifically dedicated to the health and well being of all Caivan employees and Trade Partners on all active sites. This position is responsible for auditing all sites every day actively under production to ensure that the COVID-19 Public Health and Safety mandates and protocols are being followed as advised by the various levels of government and Caivan Job Site Protocols. COVID-19 Officers are undertaking daily inspections and enforcements with continuous communication.

Key Expectations of the COVID-19 Health and Safety Officer include:

  • The COVID-19 Health and Safety Officer has reviewed and is knowledgeable about all applicable protocols issued by Ottawa Public Health, Health Canada and Ontario Public Health.
  • Officer will conduct and complete the daily health and safety checklist for the site. Including visiting each home under construction that includes:
    • Inspect and confirm all hand washing and sanitization stations are stocked and operational.
    • Inspect and confirm that heated and portable washrooms are stocked, cleaned and have the “Ottawa Public Health is in Your Hands” diagram posted.
    • Confirm that all homes and site trailers have personal hygiene and social distancing steps posted in accordance with the Public Health Agency of Canada.
    • Ensure social distancing is exhibited in homes with workers allowing for safe distancing of 1-2m apart.
    • Inspect and confirm regular cleaning of equipment.
    • Inspect and confirm sanitization of high-touch areas.
    • Officer will enforce best management practices and protocols for all staff and workers on site.
    • Officer will report daily to the Senior Project Manager.
    • Officer will communicate any required restocking of sanitization supplies.
    • Ensure that regular communication is exchanged with our trade partners ensuring adherence to the Public.
    • Health Agency of Canada as it relates to the tracking and reporting of illness for all their staff and subcontractors.


The health of our customers, employees and trade partners is of primary concern, along with our commitment to deliver your family a new and safe place to call home. As such, Caivan Communities has quickly modified its practices to align with required COVID-19 safety protocols as we remain open for business.

In order to provide clarity into our current operations, we have provided details below regarding the altered services which correspond to the various stages of the homebuilding journey.


The Caivan Sales Team remains fully available to assist you with your new home purchase. In an effort to ensure the health and safety of our customers and employees we are offering virtual appointments. In-person appointments are limited and are subject to enhanced Health & Safety protocols. Please note that all Caivan Sales Centres, and Model Homes, are closed to the General Public. We will continue to monitor events regarding the coronavirus (COVID-19) situation daily and will follow the advice of Ottawa Public Health, the Government of Ontario, and the Public Health Agency of Canada.

  • Purchasing a new home: The Caivan Sales Team remains available 7 days a week, in order to assist you with your new home purchase. Virtual appointments are available and Caivan offers a seamless virtual sales process that allows you to select your preferred community and home design, and complete the associated Agreement of Purchase and Sale all digitally and from the comfort of your own home. Simply Call, Email, or Live Chat with us today.
  • New lot releases: Caivan understands that for many, the search for a new home remains a priority even during this unprecedented time. Our Sales Team will continue to inform you of future lot releases as and when they occur and will be offering these lots on a first-come first-serve basis. Please register with us to ensure you receive up to date information on future releases.
  • Model Homes Tours: All Caivan Sales Centres and Model Homes are closed to the General Public, however Virtual Tours for all model homes are available on the Caivan website. Additionally, in-person appointments can be arranged under strict Health & Safety Protocols for no more than 2 household guests.
  • Deposits: Deposits in the form of cheques can be mailed or dropped off at our Sales Centres across this city. If dropping them off, please inform your sales representative in order to ensure they are present to accept the deposits. Additionally, your first deposit can be paid online via Credit Card or Debit via a secure payment link provided to you by your sales representative. Please contact us for additional options such as wire transfer.

We are here to answer any other sales questions that you may have. We invite you to Call, Email, or Live Chat


Amid the COVID-19 pandemic, the Caivan team has been working tirelessly to enable all steps of your homeowner journey to occur up to and beyond closing. Caivan cares deeply for the health of our employees and customers and we appreciate your understanding of our modified practices during this time.

  • Exterior Colour Preferences and Designer Choices: All Exterior Colour Preference and Designer Choice appointments are ongoing. The Sales Team has prepared high definition presentations of the Exterior Colour Preference choices available for you to choose from and will coordinate your selections over phone, email, and/or video chat.
  • Construction Details & Features and Mechanical & Electrical Features Design Appointments: These appointments are being facilitated virtually. The Design Team has prepared a presentation to share with you when the time comes for your appointment.
  • Colours & Finishes Design Appointment: These appointments are being facilitated either virtually or in-person, whichever you prefer. Should you wish to attend in-person, Caivan has strict health and safety protocols in place that include:
    1. Homeowners will be required to complete a questionnaire 24 hours in advance of their scheduled in-person appointment to confirm that they are not experiencing or have not been in contact with anyone who is experiencing COVID-19 symptoms.
    2. Only 1 appointment at a time can be conducted in the Design Studio.
    3. Hand sanitizer, gloves and masks will be required for use during in-person appointments.
    4. All samples are only handled by Caivan designated Associates.
    5. Homeowners and Caivan employees are to keep a distance of 2 metres while providing instructions and carrying out the appointments.
    6. In advance and directly after all in-person Colours & Finishes appointments, all surfaces will be wiped with disinfectant wipes.
  • Pre-Drywall Walks: Your designated Associate will conduct the Pre-Drywall Walk of your home on your behalf. Homeowners are welcome to join the Pre-Drywall Walk virtually over FaceTime with their designated Associate. They will also receive photographs and a brief overview from their designated Associate afterwards. Your designated Associate will reach out to you directly when this time comes.
  • Pre-Delivery Inspections (PDI): Your Service Manager will conduct an internal PDI of your home on your behalf in advance of closing and will document the condition of the home via the PDI form, with photographs and send to you over email. You will be given an opportunity to submit a list of deficiencies or concerns that you have within 36 hours after possession of the home has been taken. This list must be submitted in the form of an email or PDF document to your designated Service Coordinator.
  • Home Closings: Caivan has facilitated all March and April 2020 closings and are currently on-going as scheduled. Closings that are occurring from May 2020 onward should anticipate delays to their Closing Date. You will be contacted directly should there be a delay to the Closing Date of your home.


  • Post-Close Emergencies: Please refer to the Emergency Contact List located on the electrical panel in the unfinished area of your home. Please note however, that many of these service providers are short-staffed under the current circumstances. With that in mind, Caivan is available to be called directly, should the need arise at the contact details below:
  • Post-Close Service Appointments: While our construction sites are still operating at full capacity, we are experiencing a decrease in trade partners who are able to perform after service work, as they try to limit unnecessary interactions. For more information on how to move forward with your post close service needs, please contact your community Service Coordinator. We appreciate your understanding and will keep you informed as further updates become available.

Does Caivan still require the same deposit structure when purchasing a new home?

Caivan offers attractive deposit structures that are specific to your model of home. The deposit structure is detailed in the Agreement of Purchase and Sale and should you have any questions, please reach out directly to a Sales Representative or generally to

Will my home closing be delayed in light of the COVID-19 global pandemic?

Despite our best efforts to modify existing practices to align with COVID-19 protocols, we have experienced a decline in production levels on the construction sites. This is impacting home construction schedules and our ability to meet all Closing Dates within our various communities. Issues contributing to this unfortunate reality include, but are not limited to:

  • A reduced workforce on site.
  • Trade partners of Caivan that have shut down as a result of Covid-19.
  • Supply chains that have been disrupted.
  • Inability to apply for building permit and commence work.

As this pandemic brings with it an ever-evolving context for us and our industry, we will continue to monitor the situation, we will ensure you are notified of possible impacts, if any, to your Closing Date. Notwithstanding this, we encourage you to be prepared to close on your currently projected Closing Date unless you receive a formal second notice from us in writing that we are unable to meet your projected Closing Date. Maintaining the currently projected Closing Dates remains our main priority and we take this obligation seriously. We are committed to openly communicating with all affected homeowners to provide updates as we navigate these unprecedented times.

Can I delay my Design Studio appointments?

Caivan is committed to delivering every Caivan homeowner a new and safe place to call home. Steps within the homeowner journey, including Design Studio appointments, must still be completed within the allocated timeframe in order for us to continue with construction. As such, Design Studio appointments cannot be delayed.

Is Caivan modifying the required deposits as it relates to Design Appointments?

In order to proceed with the construction of your home, deposits are required as Design Studio appointments are completed. Caivan requires deposits in order to initiate the purchasing of materials for your new home with our trade partners, and as such cannot be deferred or reduced.